Galvanized Steel Composite Panels

Name:Galvanized Steel Composite Panels
Metal TypeGalvanized Steel (hot-dip)
Grade of steelG40 or G90
Thickness of Steel Skin0.3mm or 0.4mm
Composite Panel Thickness3mm, 4mm, 6mm upto 10mm
Corelow density polyethylene core
Panel Width1200mm
Panel Length1000mm to 5800mm

Product Detail

Bolliya Galvanized Steel Composite Panels

Bolliya Galvanized Steel composite panels are specially design for wall and door panels of commercial truck trailer bodies. Bolliya Galvanized steel composites have revolutionized the transportation industry by reducing the overall weight of the trailer, subsequently enhancing fuel economy and reducing carbon emissions. Bolliya Galvanized Steel composite panels are lightweight with high rigidity ensuring the highest standards of durability and safety. Bolliya Galvanized composite panels are simple to fabricate and install. Assembly maximizes time and labor efficiency. In addition, the reduction of rivets and sub frames in the trailer body allows a clean, streamlined appearance. Bolliya Galvanized Steel composite panels are becoming more and more popularly used in the transportation industry.


Bolliya Galvanized Steel Composite Panels utilize high strength steel bonded to a low-density polyethylene core with protective coatings on both sides for extra corrosion resistance. Bolliya Galvanized steel increases the internal space of trailer while maintaining high safety and durability standards through high impact resistant testing. A variety of colors and customized dimensions are available.


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