Bolliya duraplate composite panels supplier

Name:Bolliya duraplate composite panels supplier
Metal TypeGalvanized Steel (hot-dip)
Grade of steelG40 or G90
Thickness of Steel Skin0.3mm or 0.4mm
Composite Panel Thickness3mm, 4mm, 6mm upto 10mm
Corelow density polyethylene core
Panel Width1200mm
Panel Length1000mm to 5800mm

Product Detail

Bolliya duraplate composite panels supplier

Bolliya duraplate composite panels is an engineered steel and plastic composite material that has proven performance in the most demanding applications. This durapalte composite panel is comprised of two external sheets of high strength galvanized steel that are thermally bonded to each side of a high density polyethylene core.

First fabricated in 1997, Bolliya duraplate composite panels original application was for semi-trailers because of its strength and durability. Today, the duraplate semi-trailer is the leader in the trucking industry, with more than 500,000 produced in North America. The versatility of Bolliya duraplate composite panels has allowed innovation and progression into other markets, and has successfully replaced standard materials for products, including truck bodies, swing and overhead doors, cargo trailers and portable storage units.

Bolliya duraplate composite panel is well suited and accommodating to many products and applications because of its excellent strength-to-weight ratio and superior performance.

Bolliya duraplate composite panel Specifications
Bolliya duraplate panels are produced in a continuous process to standard specifications in a dedicated state-of-the-art production facility. The standard weights, measurements and properties of duraplate are provided below. Wabash Composites has the flexibility to provide custom specifications upon request with minimum quantity requirements

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