Bolliya Stainless Steel Cladding Panels Advantages

Name:Bolliya Stainless Steel Cladding Panels Advantages
Metal TypeStainless steel
Alloy304, 316L, 220M
Thickness of Steel Skin0.4MM
Composite Panel Thickness1000mm & 1200mm
CoreMineral filled FR core
Panel Width1200mm
Panel Length1000mm to 5800mm

Product Detail

Stainless Steel Cladding Panels Advantages

Stainless steel composite wall cladding is one of the most common uses for this material. Stainless steel cladding  can be used for elevators and kitchens. There are architectural and aesthetic advantages of stainless steel. Stainless steel’s architectural uses include wall cladding, door cladding, panelling, roof cladding and so on. As for aesthetic, stainless steel is available in many surface finishes, such as mirror, brushed, star, dull, etc. It can easily keep a high quality and pleasing appearance. 

Stainless steel cladding panels also have environmental advantages. The majority of stainless steel we use today is composed of recycled stainless steel or recyclable materail. Stainless steel itself is 100% recyclable, that means it does no harm to the soil. If you care about our environment, stainless steel is a good choice for you.


The majority of Bolliya stainless steels composite panelcan be cut,shaped, and fabricated readily.Further more, stainless steel is durable and low maintenance. Therefore, a lot of stainless steel cladding installers and contractors like our products.


Benefits of Stainless Steel Composite Panel

1. Superb panel flatness giving possibility of using large-span cassette when installing the facade because of the sandwiched structure of Stainless steel composite panel

2. Lightweight. The sandwich core of Stainless steel composite panel is a LDPE core which greatly reduce the weight of panel when comparing to solid stainless steel sheet.

3. Excellent workability and formability, Stainless steel composite panel performs well between of -30 to +80degrees, and can be processed and fabricated conveniently by similar tools used for ACM.

4. 100% recyclable, non-toxic material with high recycled content from stainless steel.


Please have a look at our project references to have direct understanding how stunning effect that our stainless steel composite panel can achieve. You can also visit our main website to get some more about our stainless steel composite panelcopper composite panel, titanium-zinc composite panel and aluminum composite panel.


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