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Stainless steel SS composite panel ideal facade and indoor material

Bolliya Stainless Steel Composite Panel is an ideal material for applications where excellent flatness, high rigidity and low weight is required, and has been widely used for architectural building facade, cladding and indoor decorations.


Stainless Steel Composite Panel has become the symbol of modern buildings because of its aesthetic value to keep the facade of building looking close to natural surroundings, and its attractive appearance has inspired designers and architects to create many worlds landmark buildings.


The increasing use of stainless steel composite panel can be practical, two sheets of stainless steel we use on both sides can be 316L, which has an outstanding resistance of corrosion to meet different severe conditions.


Key features

1. Flatness

2. Wide range of color selection

3. Fire satety

4. Easy to fabricate and able to be curved, folded and shaped

5. Cost effective

6. Recyclable


Panel Specification

Thickness: 4MM

Standad skin thickness: 0.4MM

Core material: fire resistant core

Stainless Steel alloy: 304# or 316L

Standard width: 1200MM

Length range: from 2440 to 5800MM

Surface finishEmbossed finish, Brushed finish, Mirror finish, Dull finish and others available upon request.


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